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Existing Homes


Does your home suffer from drafts, cold spots, high or low humidity or other discomforts? Are you burdened by high utility bills? Are you confused by salesmen claiming that their product such as windows, air sealing, insulation, heating systems, siding or other sales pitches will solve your problem? If you are considering major renovations to your home then our experienced professional guidance can guide you through the many decions to be made to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Our services for existing homes are designed for homeowners who want to


reduce their utility bills by 50% or more and to make their homes safer, more comfortable and more durable. To accomplish this we have partnered with selected builders who we know will deliver guaranteed reductions in your energy use! This program works as follows:


We first conduct a thorough energy audit of your home. This includes inspection and testing of the building and its systems and an analysis of your utility bills for the last twelve months. We then review and discuss our findings with you to identify specific problem areas, concerns, improvement options and energy-use reduction goals.


We create a computerized energy model of your home's energy performance that is used to project the savings and ROI of a range of energy upgrade options. From this analysis we create an Energy Conservation Plan that defines the scope of work, the expected energy savings and the costs of implementation. Where appropriate we identify any rebates, tax credits or other incentives that can help offset some of the project cost.


Our builder partner will install the energy performance improvements plus any additional renovations you have chosen. During this phase we inspect the work at critical points to ensure conformance to the scope of work and advise as necessary should field conditions require changes to the ECP.


Once the work is completed we conduct final inspection and testing to determine the projected energy consumption and the confirmed HERS Index. If the energy performance is less than that specified in the ECP the contractor will be responsible for any additional work required to meet the target.

If you are considering home improvements and would like to see how our Energy Conservation Plan program can make a real difference to your comfort and energy costs please contact us for a no obligation discussion.

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